About Choose Life.

Hi There! My name is Cheng and I’m so glad you’ve found chooselyf.com.

I grew up on a small fishing village in Fujian (China) and found myself in NYC in my early teens.  In the past 15 years, I see a great deal of positive changes in the Asian American community but the Fujianese American identity remains nebulous and poorly understood. Most Americans have no idea that the Chinese food that they love so much are primarily served by Fujianese Immigrants across the country.  A typical search for Fujianese Americans is littered with postings about illegal immigration and human smuggling.  This was the media I was raised in and the struggle to identify myself led to a tremendous amount of anxiety and soul-searching.

In reality, there’s a great deal of culture within the Fujianese American community, completely UNEXPLORED and sadly, unavailable to the mass.  This is a travesty and I want chooselyf.com to be a platform for the world to discover this thriving and resilient subset of Chinese in America.

Lastly, I also want to reach out to the greater Fujianese American community to help grow this platform. If you believe that you have an interesting story or a topic you’d like to explore, please ping me at chengbinzhang2010@gmail.com.

Thank You and I hope you enjoy chooselyf.com!

Cheng Z.




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