Embracing Mental Health in the Asian Community with Dr. Cindy Liu


credit: pixabay

We’ve all had that quiet and antisocial friend in college; the friend whom you’ve adored but also  brushed off as merely introverted. Underneath that layer of good grades and silence, that friend could really be struggling emotionally with an immense amount of anxiety and depression.

I’ve experienced this personally with an old college friend who struggled for many years to get treatment.  He even went as far as dropping out of college in pursuit of a solution.  It wasn’t until almost a decade later that I learned about his bout with depression.  Luckily he is now receiving treatment and doing well.  However, I (along with the general Asian community) am guilty.  We’re guilty of often ignoring these indicators as mere “antisocial” behaviors that can be cured with praying or just advising those who are depressed to “snap” out of it.

As we’ll learn from this interview with Dr. Cindy Liu, Mental Health is a growing concern within the Asian American Community and the first step to managing it is to embrace it and be willing to talk about it.  In this conversation we discussed everything from Dr. Liu’s latest research on satellite babies to postpartum depression among Asian American women.  You can find out more about Cindy’s work at cliu@bidmc.harvard.edu.

These are issues we can’t ignore and I hope you share this with your friends and family.


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